Glenvale is a district in South East Queensland which consists of the western suburbs of Toowoomba. It is a place that has undergone a transformation to develop into an upcoming place for new suburbs. It has the potential for becoming a well-organized and systematically planned suburb for people who decide to reside here.

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Toowoomba is the most populous non-capital city in the state of Queensland. It is located 127 km (79 mi) west of Queensland’s capital city, Brisbane. Toowoomba is spread over an area of 555 square Kms. and is a major education center of the state. It has many state and privately run schools with high quality teachers for every subject. Toowoomba has a thriving economy with its presence in retail industry and development of energy resources.


Glenridge Estate is a perfect place to settle down, with grand views of valleys and surrounding hills. It is perched on the western peaks of the Grand Dividing Range. You can enjoy four distinct seasons here and have an exclusive place away from the madding crowds. It is a very safe place to raise children and with the benefit of top class schools, you can be rest assured about their future. The attraction of Glenridge Estate is you will be able to own a valuable lot of land with all the basic amenities for you and your family at an unbelievable price.